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Icebox Cakes

A Note From jessiesheehanbakes

Icebox cakes are old-fashioned, no-bake, refrigerated cakes, made from nothing more (give or take . . .) than cookies and whipped cream. Such a description, however, hardly does the confection justice, for the cake-making alchemy that takes place in your icebox (refrigerator) is truly magical. In short, while these two simple ingredients rest together in the fridge, the cookies turn soft, pillow-y, and cake-like as they absorb the cream, resulting in a treat that is luscious, light, and deeply addictive. Icebox cakes can be made quickly and easily using store bought ingredients, or you can spend a day baking cookies and making pudding and add-ins, like caramel or ganache. But no matter if you are craving something fast, or want an all-day project, you will find plenty of inspiration here.