Vegan Citrus Sheet Cake with Blood Orange Frosting

"Vegan Citrus Cake with Blood Orange Whipped Frosting 🍊 • Don't mind me as I stare lovingly into the varying shades of gorgeous all citrus season long! 😍 Aren't blood oranges just stunning?? Their vibrant ombre hues of pink, purple, red and orange get me everytime 💖 • This simple vegan cake is tender and moist with bright fresh citrus flavor. The silky smooth whipped frosting gets its pretty pink color naturally from blood orange juice and is way less sweet than American butterceam!"
-- @crumbs.and.caramel
Recipe Intro From crumbs.and.caramel

This vibrant vegan cake is super moist and rich with citrus flavor. Decorate your cake with sliced blood oranges or berries, or stone fruits for the summer. It's our ideal dessert for entertaining!