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Pizza Recipes

Whether you are looking for an authentic margherita pizza, a vegan pie loaded with veggies, or even an outside the box flatbread (plum and blue cheese, anyone?) this collection of our favorite pizza recipes from the #feedfeed community is sure to have something to please every pizza palate. 

A Note From miss.allieskitchen

Hailing from Naples, Pizza has become a love language around the world. As it's popularity has expanded over the years, so have the varieties. Thin crust, thick crust, lots of sauce, extra cheese- which is your favorite? Oh, and the toppings! That's definitely something to get excited about, pepperoni, Onion, Sausage or go sweet with pineapple! Whatever your preference is, we can all agree on one thing, great pizza is an art form in itself built on excellent dough, rich tomato sauce, and melty cheese. Check out the feed below, it's pizza time!