How to Fill a Piping Bag
A Note From feedfeed

We partnered with Country Crock to bring you this video tutorial for perfect buttercream piping! We used their Buttery Baking Sticks, which are ready to use right out of the fridge, to make the buttercream. 

Find the buttercream recipe by @chelsweets here.

Step 1: Snip the corner off of the bag and place the piping tip of choice inside. Be sure that only 1/3 of the tip is outside of the piping bag. 

Step 2: Place the bag into a tall pint glass or jar and fold the top of the bag over the jar so you can easily fill the bag.

Step 3: Add the buttercream to the bag, filling only halfway full. 

Step 4: Fold the edges of the bag back up.

Step 5: Gathering the bag in one hand, push down on the frosting with your hand to remove any air bubbles and compact it towards to bottom of the bag.