Ice Cream Waffle Sandwiches

"Easy made icecream sandwiches with vanilla or chocolate icecream, chocolate coating and toppings."
-- @therainboweatery
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Prep time 20mins
Cook time 5mins
Serves or Makes: 5

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  • 10 vegan waffles
  • 1 container vegan ice cream, slightly softened
  • 1 cup vegan dark chocolate, melted
  • 1 Handful chopped pistachios
  • 1 Handful shredded coconut
  • 1 Handful chopped walnuts


  • Step 1

    Take two waffles and put a big scoop of ice cream in between them. Carefully press them slowly together to get a sandwich. You can use a spoon to shape the edges if necessary. Repeat 4 times with the other waffles and ice cream. Put the ice cream sandwiches into the freezer to set.

  • Step 2

    Take the ice cream sandwiches out of the freezer and coat them with the melted chocolate. Sprinkle nuts or shredded coconut on top. Let set in the freezer for 5 minutes.