How to Make Frozen Passion Fruit and Mango Margaritas

A Note From feedfeed

My dad is not like the other dads, he’s a COOL dad! And you know what cool dads do? Make frozen margaritas, that’s what. Ever since I’ve been of the drinking age (of course…), my dad’s go-to house cocktail is a good ol’ frozen marg. Any guest knows that they can expect a blended tequila drink if they’re coming to our house. What can I say? He’s a tequila-loving dude that can get down with a frozen cocktail–I am definitely my father’s daughter. Apple (or passionfruit?) doesn’t fall far, you could say.

Because he is also a man that loves a discount, he does a majority of his grocery shopping in the aisles of Costco. One of his staples is an enormous bag of frozen mango (if you haven’t gotten your hands on one of these guys, I’d highly recommend it). He’s been blending margaritas for a long time now, but it wasn’t until recently that he had the epiphany to toss in a couple cubes of frozen mango to the party. The result? Absolute mango madness! Frozen mango has the most luscious, silky smooth texture that lends itself beautifully to frozen cocktails.

Given that my ultimate goal in this life of sin is to one up my dad in every possible way, I wanted to develop an epic frozen margarita that is ever-so-slightly more delicious than his classic frozen mango margs. Guess what? I did! Dad, you can pack your knives and go. JK, but you can go to Costco and buy these ingredients for me.

The key addition to my next level margs? Passionfruit! A couple weeks ago in the FeedfeedBrooklyn test kitchen, we had a variety of tropical fruits on set for a shoot, and I was reminded just how delicious fresh passion fruit tastes. It’s the perfect balance of tart, sweet, and fruity–I’m salivating just thinking about it. What better way to use such a unique, mouthwatering flavor than in a frozen cocktail? Not to mention, the salty spice from the tajin rim cuts the sweetness of the margaritas, making them the ultimate, lip-puckering cocktail. Watch out Dad, you’ve got some serious competition!