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It's time to flex those pie making skills! The countdown to the big day is on and (hopefully) now that you have your menu nailed down, all you have left to plan for is pie! If you still need a go-to recipe, check our favorite recipe for decorative crust here, and use the below as inspiration for creating your own prize winning pies!

We hosted a pie making workshop at TheFeedfeedBrooklyn a few weeks ago where Erin (of @cloudykitchen) shared some of her tips for lattice and decorative crust work. Check out her recipe and tips here. The event was sponsored by our friends at Superfresh Growers to celebrate the launch of their new Autumn Glory Apple - described as having notes of cinnamon and caramel (making it perfect for Holiday baking!).

Want more Pie Crust Inspiration? We have an entire feed dedicated to all things decorative crust. Check out a few of our favorites below.
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photo by @jojoromancer
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photo by @thebutterhalf_
Feedfeed Tip: Use cookie cutters or pie punchers (available here) to make quick work of decorating your pie. Dip them in flour before pressing them into the dough to keep details crisp. Add wherever you want some flair, or to cover up a tear or mistake!
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photo by @bibbyskitchen
Feedfeed Tip: Use tools you already have at home to adorn your desserts. The chocolate tart pictured above was swirled with a standard teaspoon! The tines of a fork can be used to create a textured pattern, pastry bag tips can be used to punch out holes, and biscuit cutters can be used to create a shingled design.
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photo by @alanakysar
Feedfeed Tip: Loosen up your lattice! Don't be afraid to stray from the classic. Opening it up a bit (leaving more room between the strips) shows off colorful cranberries, and doing something as simple as weaving it on a diagonal can really make difference. Also, experiment with lattice strips of different thickness to give your pie more dimension.
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