Hack The Cocktail Bar With These Next-Level DIY Recipes

You had me at “brown butter-infused bourbon.”


Apple & Sage-Infused Vodka


To make this festive Apple & Sage-Infused Vodka, grab a glass jar or container with a lid that can hold at least 750ml of liquid (aka one bottle of vodka) and add a few sliced apples and sage leaves, and let it sit for about 5 days. Give the mix a shake every so often, then strain into the original vodka bottle. This is great mixed with apple cider and a splash of soda water. Use it at Thanksgiving to make artisanal (so fancy!) cocktails for the whole family. Best of all: This mixture will keep for a year.

Virginia Sunset with Brown Butter-Infused Bourbon


In keeping with the theory that butter makes everything better, this Virginia Sunset Cocktail is made with a homemade, nutty brown butter bourbon and a tart tangerine and thyme simple syrup. Learning how to make brown butter alone is pretty life-changing (you can use it to sauce pasta, add it to cookies or pancake batter, etc.), but mixing it in a cocktail makes for next-level deliciousness!

Dirty Chai Bourbon Milkshakes


Add a dirty chai (chai + espresso) tea bag to a cup of bourbon and let it sit for about an hour. Then use it to blend up these decadent milkshakes! Whipped cream optional, but encouraged.

Mango Cooler with Pineapple-Infused Tequila


By adding a little fresh pineapple to tequila to infuse for two days, you take these Mango & Pineapple Coolers from ordinary to extraordinary. Use any leftover tequila to shake up Pineapple Margaritas! P.S. Save those pineapple leaves for a mixologist-worthy garnish!

Earl Grey Syrup-Infused Champagne


Do you have Champagne taste on a prosecco budget? Upgrade inexpensive bubbly by adding homemade Earl Grey-infused vodka. Just add a few Earl Grey tea bags to 1 cup of vodka and let it steep overnight. Add a splash to your flute before topping with Champagne (or sparkling wine—we won’t tell). This technique would work with herbal teas, as well. Give it a try with hibiscus tea for beautifully hued pink cocktails!

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