Caramelle Filled With Colcannon And Corned Beef

"St Patrick's Day Caramelle filled with home-cured corned beef & colcannon. The yolk-semolina dough has meeeellllions of eensy weensy mini-clovers laminated between the sheets. This further proves my theory that you can Italianize anything- even St. Patrick's Day."
-- @saltyseattle

Recipe Intro From saltyseattle

If you can't find organic clovers, try using microgreens or other fresh herbs.
Recipe: 1 c mashed potato 1 c chopped steamed kale 1/2 c minced corned beef 1 recipe for basic pasta dough 2 c loosely-packed organic clovers with large stems removed Mix the first three ingredients and scoop the mixture into 1/2 c scoops onto parchment paper. Reserve scoops in fridge. Sheet the pasta dough to the second thinnest setting. Cut the sheet in half. Working quickly and keeping a wet paper towel on hand to moisturize the pasta sheets, embed clovers as dense as you want them on the bottom pasta sheet. Once they are embedded, cover with the top pasta sheet and re-roll the pasta to the second thinnest setting, being careful not to go too thin or the clovers will puncture through the sheets. Cut each sheet into 6x6 squares. Place reserved scoops of colcannon filling in the middle of squares. Wrap and roll as you would a candy. Use water or egg white wash to seal the bottom seam so the filling doesn't come out when you boil. You can cut the edges of the caramelle with a pasta crimper/cutter if you want a jagged edge look. Boil for 4 minutes and sauce simply- I suggest browned butter.