Homemade Spiced Fig Chutney

"Every summer, my brother in-law's family hand picks figs from their fig tree in Southern California & delivers them to me here in Berkeley. Usually I turn the batch into fig jam but this year I made a sweet & slightly spicy fig chutney. It's made with shallots, crushed red pepper, whole cloves, coriander & mustard seeds which are first toasted and lightly crushed to release their full essence. The yellow coriander seeds look like little specks of ☀️ sunshine against the dark jammy spiced figs. The hubs said it tastes like Christmas but I couldn't wait until then to share it with you. The recipe for this quick chutney comes together in under 40 minutes. Serve it with a cheese platter, on roasted chicken or lamb, with Indian food or eat by the spoonful!"
-- @myberkeleykitchen