Riced Veggie Recipes

with Earthbound Farms


Riced Veggie Recipes with Earthbound Farm

We partnered with Earthbound Farm to bring you delicious recipes developed by us and members of the #feedfeed community using their new Organic Riced Cauliflower and Veggie Medleys. Riced veggies are a great way to add fresh produce to your diet, and Earthbound Farm's packages make it easier than ever. In addition, Earthbound Farm is running a 21 day challenge (the number of days based on research that it takes 21 days to form a habit) that is meant to get you eating healthier for the new year. Check it out here.

While we do love our veggies, sometimes hiding them in chocolatey goodness is the way to go. Riced cauliflower keeps these brownies low carb without taking away the pleasure of eating dessert.
Below are recipes made by the #feedfeed community using Earthbound Farm's Organic Riced Veggies!

Cilantro Lime Riced Veggie Burrito Bowls by @thejamlab

The ultimate meal prep bowl, the components for this dish can be made ahead so when it's time to eat all you have to do is assemble. Cauliflower rice gets the cilantro lime treatment, and paprika spiced sweet potatoes bring the flavor, not to mention the Pepita Yogurt Sauce that tops the whole thing off.

Blueberry, Banana and Cauliflower Smoothie Bowl by @veggiekins

Cauliflower in a smoothie? You betcha. Plus the riced cauliflower takes less time to break down so not only can you enjoy this blue beauty, but you don't need a high powered blender to get an ultra smooth consistency.

Herbed Garlic Chicken Skillet Served over Riced Cauliflower and Broccoli by @therealfoodrds

This dish comes together in about 30 minutes, partly because riced veggies take less time to cook than grains. Made in a skillet, you really can't go wrong with this Whole30 dinner.

Cauli-broccoli Rice Stuffed Roasted Acorn Squash by @marie.reginato

Hazelnuts, cranberries, pomegranates and quinoa get added to cauliflower and broccoli rice for a dish that has a little bit of sweet, tart and crunch.

Greek Lamb Bowls with Cauliflower Rice by @asimplepantry

It's as simple as swapping where you would normally use rice for cauliflower rice, as in these bowls that feature lamb, fresh veggies and tzatziki sauce topping.