Driscolls Berry Brunch

How To Braid Brioche Demonstration #berrytogether




Brunch in Minneapolis with Driscoll's

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Photography by Wing Ta

We’ve gotten to know Minneapolis pretty well this past year (check out our 48-hour Guide!), tapping into the local food and cocktail scene and getting to know our #feedfeed community more closely.

What we love about the community we’ve built in Minneapolis is that there is a shared commonality across the group, and that is their love for the city they live in. It comes through in the way they talk, excitedly, about places you should eat, or where to get the best Old Fashioned. They also have a keen way with bringing their recipes to life through this unique lens that brings people together around food.

Top: Zoë François

#BerryTogether is exactly about that, bringing people together around these authentic moments and enjoying the simplest pleasure of Raspberries. Minneapolis is the #1 Raspberry consuming city in the country, and you don’t have to go far to find out just how much they love their berries.

A recap of our #berrytogether brunch

This past summer, we partnered with Driscoll’s to rally this community behind their Raspberry loving roots and #berrytogether for a summer that proved to be as delicious as it was fun. From ice creams, to cakes to salmon and quesadillas, the recipes brought to life Driscoll’s Raspberries in a way that inspired our global community.

Founded in 1972, Driscoll’s has become a global leader in sustainable breeding and growing methods for berries of all types, including the beloved Raspberry.

Top (right to left): Kim Ly Curry, Erin Good, Alia & Radwa
As with a lot of our efforts, we felt that it was important to bring our #berrytogether community around the table for an event that celebrates their talent and allows them to connect offline. The Lynhall in Minneapolis was the perfect space to bring to life our #berrytogether brunch - with a stunning fully functional demo kitchen, we kicked things off with a braided brioiche demo by Zoë Francois, and from there, moved to brunch next to a roaring fire - the perfect backdrop against the chilly grey fall morning.
In these Photos: (top to bottom, counterclockwise): Zoë François, Steve and Maryjo Hoffman

Raspberries reigned supreme with a menu that boasted both sweet and savory uses - from the perfectly balanced Clover Club custom Raspberry cocktail, to the Raspberry Toffee Cake with Toasted meringue and the winter green salad with Raspberries. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite recipes from the brunch below - for you to enjoy and make this Holiday season with your loved ones.

The menu:
Fresh Berry Cheese Board
Raspberry Oat Bars
Raspberry Toffee Banana Bread
Chocolate Tofu Pudding with Raspberry Compote
Clover Club Cocktail
Braided Raspberry Brioche


We know how important it is to not only make food that is delicious, but to also bring those you love around the table. This holiday, as you prepare to see those who are nearest and dearest to you, incorporate some berries - you’ll have summer year round and trust us, everything is better when you #berrytogether.
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