Cauliflower And Crispy Caper Pizza With Mozzarella And Parmesan

"Sundays call for pizza and throwing one together from leftovers is always a fun way to go. This one is a tri-colored cauliflower double play, topping and crust. I used my Sautéed Cauliflower with Crispy Capers recipe and added some fresh mozzarella and shaved Parmesan. All sits on a store bought cauliflower crust (I have to admit, I’m not crazy about this one but it does the trick. Next round I plan to make my own crust- need to work on a good recipe for everyone). The important thing is this dish sits beautifully on top of any pizza crust, crostini AND stands proud on its own. Using leftovers on a pizza crust is on of my favorite repurposing hacks- Serve this with your holiday meal and top it on a crust the next day for a quick and crazy delicious meal. This time of year, all of the beautiful cauliflower colors are available so take advantage and mix them up!"
-- @feedtheswimmers