Grilled Cheese With Ham And Brie Cheese With Microgreens, Apple And Dijon
"Grilled cheese heaven—ham and brie cheese with whole grain dijon, apple, and kohlrabi microgreens on @ameliasbread brioche. "
-- @eatswithmichael
Recipe Intro From eatswithmichael
Never thought I'd see sprouts inside a grilled cheese sandwich, but this one looks pretty darn delicious! Place the cheese closest to the bread, with the sprouts right in the center of the sandwich and keep an eye on it to make sure you melt the cheese without cooking the sprouts. Gooey and crunchy! Yum :)
Ingredients 1-2 tablespoon of butter 2 slices of brioche 4 slices of ham 6 thin slices of brie cheese 6 thin slices of apple Small handful of microgreens—I used kohlrabi in this recipe 1 tablespoon of whole grain mustard Directions Heat skillet to medium heat, add butter, let melt, and swirl to coat. Add slices of bread to skillet, and place brie and ham on top of each slice. Cook until cheese begins to melt and the bread is golden. Top one side of bread with apple slices, mustard and microgreens. Flip the untopped slice of onto the other. Transfer to a plate and cut in half.