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Romanesco Puree
"When in Rome… Romanesco! Romanesco is a funny little guy from the broccoli/cauliflower family. He’s basically broccoli in a weird little costume. Tastes a like the perfect cross between broccoli and cauliflower with a bit of a nuttier flavor. And in all of his divine weirdness, he is delectable. Do not be afraid of the weirdos! They’re usually the more interesting and lovable ones anyway• •This is a purée of oven-roasted romanesco, smooth like velvet because we add a lil bit of that goooood good buttah, cream and goat cheese to richen him up just the way he deserves. We dress this funky dude up with a lil cayenne, chive and chive oil for the extra accessories. I serve this under fish, chicken or beef. But you could also use it as a dip with cushy warm pita bread and crudités."
-- @dishbeautiful