Mashed Potatoes & Vegetables

"LOADED MASHED POTATOES (rock your side dish!) . The idea for this awesome, colorful, simple side dish with extra veggie-powered oomph comes to our menu by way of @babymangi, one of my all-time favorite creative Insta-foodies. The gist: you steam your favorite veggies and mash them into potatoes giving those babies extra super-food status. . "
-- @cookingforgrey


About 8 cooked organic Yukon golds

1 head of steamed broccoli

2 large steamed carrots

5 minced heads of fresh garlic (the key is to add it to piping hot potatoes so they cook it instantly)

lightly heated local whole creamtop un-homogenized milk (all key to nutritious value of milk)

Pure sea salt


Mash it all up and devour. If you are making a batch to last, make your potatoes "soupy", they will considerably thicken and expand.

Extra veggies don't change the essence or the delicious flavor of mashed potatoes so even your picky eaters should enjoy!