#TrendingTuesday: One-Pan Baked Oatmeal



An Ode to Oats 

There are endless ways to make oatmeal. Overnight oats, single-serve baked oats, and now we have One-Pan Baked Oatmeal: Your new favorite big-batch breakfast, inspired by @feelgoodfoodie and @smartgusto. All you need to make One-Pan Baked Oatmeal is banana, oats, milk, and chia seeds (optional). We topped ours with fresh berries, walnuts, lemon zest, and a drizzle of maple syrup for a healthy breakfast with a flavor that is reminiscent of berry cobbler.

One-Pan Baked Oatmeal by @AlexaWhatsForDinner


Two cents from our taste testers:

Feedfeed Senior Producer, Alexa (@alexawhatsfordinner), made this recipe over the weekend. When I checked Instagram on Sunday, I saw an Instagram story of her dad leaving his review. He said:
“That is the best oatmeal I’ve ever had in my life... and second place, I can’t even remember..."
Alexa (pictured right) also felt strongly about this recipe:

"As a major oatmeal stan, I was a bit skeptical about what was so special about this technique. But once I tried it, I was truly blown away. The natural sweetness from the bananas + the gooey texture of the baked oats + the tartness and freshness from the berries and lemon zest = magnificent!" 
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