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Champagne & Prosecco Recipes

Pop, fizz, clink! Grab some bubbly and try some of our favorite recipes featuring Champagne & Prosecco. Find everything from savory to sweet, and of course, cocktails!

A Note From mydiaryofus

With craft cocktails at an all time high in the creative department, I have never been more excited about happy hour! I am a cocktail enthusiast at heart and happen to believe that champagne should not be reserved just for special occasions! I love a good glass of bubbly on it’s own, but my favorite cocktails happen to be those mixed with champagne or Prosecco. Whether you are planning a party, a special occasion, or just want to relax after a long day, I hope this feed provides you with the inspiration you need to get in your own kitchen and become the mixologist you have always dreamed of being! Cheers!