Ombré Apple Pie

"Today marked the first major holiday I’ve been away from my family/the first one here in the city. While I definitely missed my people and cried a couple of times because I wasn’t with them, I was also overcome with thanks for their unending love and support of me living my life here in New York. I miss them like crazy, but I am also so thankful to have my own kind of family here, made up of those that I love and will host and cook and bake and open their home to me. This year has been wonderful beyond my wildest dreams, and I am thankful for every moment that has come with it: the funny, the fun, the difficult, the frustrating, the confusing, the overwhelming - both good and bad. I am lucky and privileged and alive and get to lead a very fulfilling life. And I thank God every day for that. I also thank @emcdowell for her inspiring apple ombré pie that I made today, Motown for the perfect songs to dance to at full volume while I bake, and @moosetooths for keeping on eye on the oven #bobsredmill #feedfeed #contest"
-- @xochitl_adriana