Nice Cream

"Finally getting around to trying 'nice cream'. I only had ripe bananas in my freezer for two weeks! It is my new sweet treat and perfect for that mid-afternoon pick me up! Kid approved too, I just won't correct them when they call it ice cream!


Ripe bananas, frozen Pistachio, chopped Unsweetened chocolate, chopped Almond butter or cashew butter, warm Almond milk or coconut milk

In a food processor or blender mix bananas and splashes of almond milk, until desired creaminess.

Spoon into bowls and cover with toppings.

I usually serve 1 banana per person."
-- @triedandtrulydelicious
Recipe Intro From triedandtrulydelicious
No need to buy / try dairy free processed ice creams when all you need is a few frozen bananas, a splash of plant milk, and a blender! The possibilities are endless and deliciously creamy. Best of all, it's to have a frozen treat that is dairy-free, sugar-free, and guilt-free!