Flower Shortbread Cookies
"The prettiest cookies you've ever baked :)"
-- @therainboweatery
Recipe Intro From therainboweatery

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Prep time 20mins
Cook time 12mins
Serves or Makes: 20


  • 3/ 4 cup vegan butter
  • 1/ 2 cup coconut sugar
  • 2 cups whole wheat flour
  • 20 pieces edible flowers


  • Step 1

    Mix vegan butter and coconut sugar with a hand mixer. Add the flour (you can also use white flour if you prefer) step by step and knead into a dough.

  • Step 2

    Cover the dough with a plastic foil and chill it in the fridge for an hour.

  • Step 3

    Roll out the dough and put the edible flours on top. Press them carefully into the dough with the rolling pin. The dough should be 4mm (0,15 inches) thick after doing this.

  • Step 4

    Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius (356 Fahrenheit).

  • Step 5

    Cut out round or square shaped cookies (diameter 5-6 cm/2 inches) with one flower in the center of each cookie. Put them on a lined baking tray with a bit of space in between them.

  • Step 6

    Bake for 8-12 minutes until slightly golden. The shouldn't become too dark.

  • Step 7

    Open the oven and let the cookies cool down. Take the baking tray out of the oven and let the cookies cool down completely. ENJOY :)