Beef Kebobs with Tzatziki

"A truly casual dinner party? We swear, it can be done! Our beef kofta recipe was born out of our desire to host our friends for dinner, without exhausting ourselves in the kitchen before the first guest even shows up. Grilled on skewers or baked in the oven, they’re a meaty centerpiece for a communal meal that’s as easy on the host as it is beloved by guests. Make life even easier by turning the meal into a potluck! Have one person bring hummus, another tzatziki, someone else can bring the pita, the olives, the fresh feta—all you’ll need to do is make these kofta kebabs, and keep the wine flowing."
-- @themodernproper

A Note from Feedfeed

Everyone loves a good dinner party! The key to hosting is planning a menu full of dishes that won't keep you in the kitchen the entire time. Choose from our favorite easy appetizers, to keep guests busy until you're ready to begin, some slow cooked dishes that free up lots of time, and other crowdpleasing recipes!