Baked Fenugreek Chips (bajra Methi Puri)
"Baked Fenugreek Chips(Bajra Methi Puri) :: A heathy, nutritious and delicious take on a traditional recipe that had been made for generations in our family!! ? And an excellent alternate to Kale chips!! ? The recipe uses millet flour(called bajra), fenugreek leaves, cilantro, ginger, garlic, carom seeds(called ajwain - excellent for digestion), black sesame seeds and spices!! My grandma still makes it and so do my aunts! The recipe calls for frying the flattened dough but I simply baked it with a spray of olive oil on the top to crisp it up a bit. It turned out delicious and goes so well with masala chai or coffee! My grandma and aunts are going to try the healthy way as well now!! ??❤️ Recipe on Facebook :: Jam Lab "
-- @thejamlab