How to Make Coffee and Cardamom Fudge Pops

A Note From feedfeed

We were lucky enough to kick of Lindt Chocolate’s Summer of EXCELLENCE a few weeks ago at FeedfeedBrooklyn. We were joined by The Lindt Master Chocolatier Ann Czaja who sat on a panel with cookbook author and food stylist Susan Spungen (@susanspungen), Cake Guru Chelsey White (@chelsweets)  and our own Senior Food Editor, Molly Adams (@mollyjean4). Our Editorial Director, Jake Cohen (@jakecohen) moderated the panel and we talked ALL things dark chocolate. Ann and Susan shared tips and tricks for tempering chocolate and Chelsey shared the secret to her perfect chocolate frosting (Hint: LOTS of Lindt EXCELLENCE Dark Chocolate). This chocolate-fill conversation led us to the conclusion that the Summer of EXCELLENCE needed (no, deserved!) a classic chocolate fudge pop. Using the 70% Cocoa EXCELLENCE Bar we put together a quick and easy recipe that is a spiced up riff on the fudge pops we all loved as kids. With a little help from coffee and cardamom and a BIG assist from the quality and authenticity of Lindt EXCELLENCE we may have just created THE dessert of the summer, IOHO!

Prep time 8hrs
Cook time 5mins
Serves or Makes: 10

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  • Step 1

    Place milk, sugar, cardamom pods, coffee, cornstarch and salt in a small saucepan. Cook over medium high heat, stirring constantly, until sugar has dissolved and the mixture has thickened, about 5 minutes. You want to milk to come to just a simmer with a few bubbles around the edges of the pan, but not to a rolling boil.

  • Step 2

    Meanwhile, set chocolate in a large heat safe bowl. Strain thickened milk mixture over the chocolate, let sit 5 minutes.

  • Step 3

    Whisk chocolate and milk together until smooth and glossy. Add vanilla and mix until combined.

  • Step 4

    Pour chocolate mixture into ice pop molds and set in the freezer for 1 hour. After 1 hour, insert popsicle sticks and return to the freezer for at least 8 hours before serving.

  • Step 5

    Optional: Melt remaining 1/2 cup chopped Lindt 70% Cocoa EXCELLENCE Bar over a double boiler until melted and smooth. Let cool slightly, then drizzle over frozen pops just before serving.