Ghostly Goodie Bags
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For the Crispy Rice Critters


  • Step 1

    Dip a crispy rice treat halfway into a melted chocolate of your choice. Place the treat onto a baking sheet lined with If You Care Parchment Paper. Place one or many eyeball sprinkles. Let set.

For the Spooky Witch Fingers

  • Step 1

    Dip a pretzel rod three quarters of the way into a melted chocolate of your choice (ideally green). Place the pretzel onto parchment paper and immediately add a slivered almond to the tip to make a fingernail. Optionally, drag a toothpick across the chocolate to make little wrinkles and make the witch fingers look extra sinister.

For the Strawberry Ghouls

  • Step 1

    Cut the step out of a strawberry and stick a toothpick into it. Dip the strawberry completely into white chocolate and place it down to set on parchment paper. Once the chocolate is set, remove the toothpick and, using dark chocolate, draw a ghostly face onto the strawberry.

Assembling the Goodie Bags

  • Step 1

    Take an If You Care Snack & Sandwich Bag and place a couple crispy rice critters at the bottom to create the base layer. Then, layer in some witch fingers towards the back so they are sticking out. Add in more crispy rice critters and stack some strawberry ghouls on top. Serve and enjoy!