Goat Cheese and Late Summer Inspired Cheese Board


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Talk about cheese board goals! Break out the Goat Cheeses Of France for an easy, yet show-stopping platter for your next dinner party. Who's ready to entertain?

To create this cheese board we used a mix of soft and hard Goat Cheeses from France.  Our selection included: 

Le Chevrot comes from Poitou-Charentes and is covered in a delicately wrinkled rind, which can be described as brain like. Its dense, lemony center, is surrounded by a mushroomy, piquant creamline full of earthy intensity.

Valençay (pyramid shaped, ashed/grey colored): Don’t be intimidated by the dark grey exterior, inside this beautiful pyramid is a luscious and tangy goat cheese.

Pico (small, bloomy-rind): The earthiness of this cheese combined with the delicate goat flavor is not to be missed. We loved this combined with a little raw honey. 

Fresh Goat Log (fresh): Hard to beat this classic! Easily spreadable and pairs well with fresh fruit and herbs.

Tomme de Chèvre (hard-pressed): This hard goat cheese has a slight nuttiness and a hint of pepper. 

To round out the board we used the following assorted accoutrements: Apricots, Almonds, Honeycomb, Green Olives, Fresh Peaches, Herbed Flatbread, Red Grapes, Fresh Thyme and Fresh Figs

Some of our top cheeseboard tips:

Allow the cheese to come to room temperature for at least 1 hour before serving.
Eat the rind (unless it’s wax or cloth)! Cheesemakers work hard for all that flavor.

Use a rounded knife or spoon to serve soft cheeses and make sure each type of cheese has it’s own utensil.