Egg On Toast With Avocado And Fresh Goat Cheese

"Good morning! A wonderful reminder to do whatever you can to buy farm fresh eggs. "Egg on Toast with Avocado and fresh Goat Cheese" Thanks @farmpretty "Straight outta the basket...can we talk about farm fresh eggs for a second The first giveaway is their totally orange yolk, like nothing you've ever seen on this planet. The second is their insane flavour (how did they fit so much in one egg!) and the third is the happy little hen who lives on open pasture, flaps her wings to her hearts content and noshes on real food all day long. Her life is just as important as this little egg. So find a farmer, make a friend, build a coup ... but whatever you do, get onto some farm eggs fast. Yum!" #feedfeed"
-- @thefeedfeed

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Quick, Snack, Easy, Breakfast