Asparagus Frittata + Sumac, Greens And Pea Pesto

"First Spring Dinner at Home - Asparagus Frittata sprinkled with Sumac, Greenhouse Greens and Microgreen Pea Pesto. A Big Thank You to all of you that have helped us get through a long winter with your inspirational food and looking forward to more creative meals as the seasons change. // Join me in continuing to tag #feedfeed and sign up on to stay in the loop as we create a social app for cooking inspiration. // p.s. Thanks to @drizzleanddip for inspiring me to make this Frittata, @goodwaterfarms for the Pea Tendrils in the pesto, @amberwavesfarm for the Eggs and #quailhillfarm for the Greens."
-- @thefeedfeed

Recipe Intro From thefeedfeed

Here is my go-to Pea Pesto Recipe.