Women Changing the Food Game: Joy Wilson a.k.a Joy The Baker

Celebrating Women's History Month!


Women Changing the Food Game:
Joy Wilson a.k.a Joy The Baker

March 2020 marks the 30th year of National Women's Month. Though equality for women globally has a long way to go, it's evident that we're gaining momentum. Like most industries, Food Media has always been male dominated. From editors in chief, to celebrity chefs, to top writers and photographers. BUT, I'm flipping the script and facilitating change the best way I know how, by honoring all of the bad-ass women in our community! 

This month, I am interviewing an array of women in the food industry from writers and photographers to stylists -overall cool AF trailblazers. Each week we will feature a new creative and ask them about their work, how the industry has treated them (the good, the bad, the ugly) and hopefully this conversation will inspire and open the minds of other men and women in the industry and in our community. This week, it is my honor to share with you all, Joy Wilson of Joy the Baker, from television shows, cookbooks and hilarious Drake on Cake, she is the OG Food Content creator. From on the page, on the screen and now in person -- she created The Bakehouse a place where Joy can interact face to face with her community with classes, workshops, events & private parties in the romantic city of New Orleans. Read through for my chat with the legend, Joy Wilson.
--Sahara Bohoskey, Community Food Editor
Ok here are some ice breaker questions, where you’re from, what you would call yourself (photographer, writer, stylist, artist, etc), how long you’ve been in the Food industry, top 3 foods/recipes you’re really into right now?!

A: I'm Joy Wilson probably better known as Joy the Baker.  I’m from Los Angeles, California, but live in New Orleans, Louisiana. I would call myself a baker and cookbook author and person on the Internet.  I’ve been in the food industry for 20 years, and some recipes and foods I'm excited about are: Phyllis Grant's Jammy Tomato-Anchovy Sauce, my spiced seed bites "Cycling Balls" I call them, packed with lots of energy nutrient ingredients, like chia and flax seeds, coconut and cashew butter etc. Toni Tipton-Martin's Louisiana Barbecued Shrimp, and Ann Maloney's Shrimp Étouffée.
Sausage, Veggie And Olive Pizza Quiche by Joythebaker
Q: You have been there for the beginning of the food media resurgence, from freelance food writers and bloggers becoming household names, what do you think is the biggest change in food media since you first started? Do you think women are more supported, or have a larger voice in food media? 

A: I think the difference now is that different kinds of women have a larger voice in food media.  It’s not about women simply creating food to feed their families or entertain (thought that’s awesome and important).  It’s as though different kinds of women are allowed to be more curious about food, who makes it, and where it comes from.

Q: Who are some writers, creators, photographers etc. who you think are creating some exciting content right now?

A: I’m very excited about a new cookbook from Melissa Martin of Mosquito Supper Club.  I love the food photography of Denny Culbert and Timothy Parkin.  I appreciate the food writing of Helen Rosner and Scott Hocker.
Nice for what lyrics by Drake, cake by Joythebaker's Drake on Cake
 Q: What are your earliest food memories, what’s one meal that is so nostalgic that it takes you back to being a kid/ fold childhood memory?

A: One of my earliest food memories is of my dad making biscuits for the dinner table. When I was a kid there was nothing else more simple or true.
Browned Butter Carrot Pistachio Cake by Joythebaker
Q: What advice would you give to women looking to start a career in the food world and what is something you wish you knew when you started?

A: My advice is, in the food world  or outside of it, follow what excites you.  Also know that what excites you will evolve. Passion isn’t a straight path and we can honor that in our work.

Q: Like 95% of the world population, I LOVE Drake, and I am Feedfeed’s self proclaimed resident Drake fanatic. How do you come up with my all time favorite account - Drake on Cake? It’s so funny, visually stunning and always so timely!

A: That’s so sweet, thank you! Drake is such a poet and it felt like a stroke of good luck when I realized that my favorite rapper’s name rhymes with cake (my other great love).  It’s just a fun account that I love to create for when the lyric strikes.
Big thanks to Joy for sharing your story with us. Tune in every Tuesday all through the month of March for a weekly feature of amazing creative women!
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