Wine, Olive and Antipasti Pairings

with DeLallo Foods



Your Ultimate Guide to Wine, Olive, and Antipasti Pairings

With DeLallo Foods 

Article by: Molly Adams
Photos by: Giora Stuchiner 

When tasked with creating The Ultimate Wine, Olive and Antipasti Pairing Guide featuring DeLallo products (just another day at the office, right?!), I pretty much jumped at the chance.   If I could survive on two things alone for the rest of my life, wine and olives would be pretty high up on that list. Throw in some chocolate and I’d be in heaven. Toss in some cheese and I’m just being greedy, but a woman has needs. 

What could be bad about plump and juicy olives and tasty antipasti, paired with a perfectly chilled glass of white wine?  The answer is nothing, nothing is bad about that!  I think what wine, olives and antipasti (and chocolate! And cheese!) all have in common is that there are so many different dimensions of flavor to each of them. On one hand, olives are pungent, salty and biting while also bringing a very round fruitfulness and pleasant medicinal note to the party.  Wine has the same qualities; sometimes the first sip does not tell the whole story. Afterall, wine is alive! From year to year it changes and evolves.  This commonality is what makes wine and olives the absolute perfect snack. Think of yourself in the Tuscan countryside enjoying the perfect aperitivo spread. I sadly have never had this pleasure (ahem, husband), but I have to imagine it’s pretty perfect. Whether you are living your best life in Italy or snacking on your couch in sweatpants (we are not here to judge!) olives or antipasti and wine are about as reliable of a pairing as you can get.

I’m of the mindset that you almost can’t go wrong when it comes to pairing olives and antipasti with wines, but there are definitely some matches that taste as if they were made for each other! Read on to learn about our favorite ways to pair wine with olives and antipasti and put these trusty pairings to use at your next gathering. Fair warning, your guests may never want to leave.  We told you so.  

1) Rosé and DeLallo Pitted Olives Gigante- I love a bright, clean and slightly floral Rosé paired with Pitted Olives Gigante. These olives are plump, juicy and full of flavor thanks to the vibrant herbs they’re packed with. The tart and buttery flavors of the olives play very well with the balance of fruit and acidity found in most Rosé wines. 
2) Sauvignon Blanc or Sancerre and DeLallo Greek Feta Salad- I hate to pick favorites, but Sancerre (and Sauvignon Blanc in general) is definitely up there on my list. My favorite characteristics of Sauvignon Blanc include notes of fresh grass, Meyer lemon and stone fruit. Light, crisp and highly drinkable. In terms of a pairing, I think the perfect pick is this Greek salad from DeLallo. The briny feta pairs nicely with the high acid found in most Sauv Blancs.
3) Pinot Noir and DeLallo Italian Garlic Mushrooms- Another favorite (do I have too many favorites? Maybe. No judgement, please!), Pinot Noir's rich with earthy tones is tailormade for DeLallo Italian Garlic Mushrooms

4) Beaujolais and DeLallo Italian Roasted Tomatoes- If you are unfamiliar with this classic French varietal, get to know it!  I think it’s one of the most exciting wine regions of the moment, and the price tag of most bottles is highly palatable (in more ways than one!).  Beaujolais is a light red wine made from Gamay grapes.  It’s low in tannins and high in acidity which makes it a perfect pair for DeLallo Italian Roasted Tomatoes which taste just like the peak of summer. The mutual acidity creates a symphony of flavors that’s hard to resist.  Eat them as a snack, on toasted bread, or tossed into a rich and buttery pasta dish. 

5) Cabernet Sauvignon and DeLallo Piccante Green Pitted Olives- Bold wines deserve bold snacks, which is why I’ll be sipping my cab with DeLallo Piccante Green Pitted Olives from here on out.  These meaty California Sevillano olives are packed with red pepper flakes for a dose of heat which cuts through the richness and high tannic attributes of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Well, this concludes one of my favorite "work" tasks to date! DeLallo is consistently a go-to of mine when I'm entertaining or just need to throw some quick bites together. Add in some wine and I'm good to go! I will happily refer back to this guide the next time I'm looking for the best wine to pairings and I hope you do too!


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