The Ultimate Guide to Making Easy, Breezy, and Delicious Warm Weather Cocktails

Warmer days are best enjoyed with a bubbly, refreshing cocktail in tow!


The Ultimate Guide to Making Easy, Breezy, and Delicious Warm Weather Cocktails


Article by Sara Tane

Photography by Rachel Gurjar
What do backyard barbecues, poolside hangs and trips to the beach all have in common? They’re all best enjoyed with a bubbly, refreshing cocktail in tow! The key to delicious and creative summertime beverages is keeping it simple and keeping it fresh! It’s for this very reason that we’re pouring up the easiest ever cocktails with Spindrift! Not only are they super straightforward to make, but they’re going to help you stay cool throughout the warmer months. Cheers to that!

Grapefruit Mezcal Cocktail with Tajin Rim

When it comes to warm weather imbibing, simplicity is essential. Fresh ingredients paired with your favorite wines and spirits are the building blocks for easy, summertime entertaining cocktails. In this smoky Grapefruit Mezcal Cocktail with a Tajin Rim, a homemade cilantro-jalapeno simple syrups adds an herbaceous flavor and spicy kick to this zesty cocktail. A generous guzzle of Spindrift Grapefruit provides a delightfully citrusy punch that takes this drink to the next level. If you don’t have Tajin (which is a chili-lime seasoning), you can definitely use salt on the rim instead. This cocktail has been known to convert Mezcal-hesitant drinkers, but if you insist on not riding the mezcal train, you can always substitute tequila.

Frosé Ice Cubes with Spindrift Raspberry-Lime

Trying to get your rosé on this summer? Say no more. These Frosé Ice Cubes with Berries and Mint are right up your alley. Toss some fresh raspberries into an ice tray, add some lime quarters and finish it all off with a bottle of your favorite pink wine. Now you’ve got some boozy cubes that are basically asking to be topped with a heavy pour of Spindrift Raspberry-Lime! We also love using Raspberry-Lime because of its gorgeous magenta hue. Pink cocktails are the best cocktails, right?! You can definitely get creative with the add-ins that you put in the wine cubes as well as which Spindrift selection you’d like to use! A few sprigs of fresh mint make this wine spritz the most refreshing drink you’ll sip on all summer long.

Shaken Piña Colada with Spindrift Pineapple

Feeling like you need to be transported to some sunshine on a gloomy day? Enter this creamy Piña Colada made with NEW Spindrift Pineapple and you'll immediately feel like you're on the beach! We're loving this fresh cocktail made with coconut cream and topped with a cherry to give all of the vibes of a ~classic~ Piña Colada.

If you’re not playing around with fresh ingredients and all the bubbles for your next sunny cocktail, you’re missing out! Spindrift makes for an ideal mixer because it’s made with real fruit, so it’s not going to dilute your drink. Who wants a watered down beverage, amiright? Additionally, the fruit that’s used in Spindrift is grown on family farms and they’re picked at the peak of their ripeness, so you can count on a delicious sip every time! Tasty cocktails are easy when you’re using quality ingredients.

Ready to start shaking up some cocktails? Visit Spindrift to get your hands on the best mixer in town and check out our Cocktails feed for more inspiration!