Recipes For Your Seasonal Farmers Market Finds

...with apples, pears and concord grapes

Summer may not be over yet, but apples, pears, concord  grapes and spaghetti squash have arrived at local farmers markets, so we're tiptoeing toward fall this week with a focus on those seasonal ingredients. 






Apple season is in full swing & we have bushels of great recipes on our site for you to try! Everything from sweet, to savory & everything in between. Here are two of our current favorites:





We love pairing crisp tart apples with sharp & nutty cheese. Add bacon & we're in apple heaven!





All the flavor of apple pie without all the work! Plus, this recipe is vegan and is healthy enough to enjoy for breakfast. Just swap the coconut ice cream for coconut yogurt.



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Concord Grapes
Photo by    @brooklynsupper



Concord grapes were named  after a small town in Massachusetts (you may remember it from your middle school history class!) but can now be found throughout the country, for a short period each year in early fall! Most concord grapes will be gone by the end of October so be sure to take advantage of the short season. The aroma of fresh concord grapes is irresistible, even better when baked into a pie! 







Concord grapes are full of seeds. Muddling them for a cocktail and straining them through a shaker is a great low-maintenance way to experience the amazing sweet/tart flavor. 





A true show-stopper, this brightly flavored tart will be unlike any fall dessert you've ever made before! 



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Often overshadowed by Apples, pears deserve a  place  in the fall sun. When searching for the perfect pear, test it by applying a bit of pressure to the flesh around the stem. It if gives a bit (just like you would test an avocado), it will be ripe and ready to enjoy soon.



Because everyone needs a 3-ingredient appetizer in their back pocket.



Filled with warm spices, this lovely fall cake pairs well with a cup of tea for a weekend breakfast or with a scoop of ice cream for dessert!



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Spaghetti Squash
Photo by @rootedfarmstead



A bit of magic happens upon roasting a spaghetti squash, and when cooked you can easily spoon out perfect noodles from the flesh. They are great simply sauced with marinara, or try them stuffed or in fritter form as seen below. 



To make quick work of this hearty vegetarian dinner, roast the spaghetti squash ahead of time and store it in the fridge until you are ready to make the full dish. Plan on 1 squash for every two people in your family. 



These  fritters are perfectly crisp thanks to a waffle iron, no frying necessary!  They are packed with herbs and spices making them a great savory brunch item or an interesting side dish for your next dinner party.



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