Long Weekends are for Pancakes!

Celebrate the long weekend with a tall stack of pancakes!


Long Weekends are for Pancakes!

Celebrate the long weekend with a tall stack of pancakes! We have over 100 recipes on our Pancake Feed, so you're bound to find a new family favorite! Here's a few of our top pancake tips:

1) Lumps are ok! You don't have to go crazy trying to get rid of every last lump. Stir just until the dry and wet ingredients are combined. Over mixing can lead to dense, chewy pancakes. 

2) Consider the first pancake a test. If that first flapjack does not look perfectly golden brown, don't panic! You'll need a bit of time and patience to get your cooking surface (we prefer a griddle which makes it easier to flip) to the right temperature which means the first few might not be the prettiest, but they'll still taste delicious! 

3) Even if you're using a pre-made batter mix, add in some extras like cinnamon, vanilla and citrus zest for added flavor or even some cornmeal for a nice hearty texture. 






Pancakes also make a fun, quick & crowd-pleasing weeknight meal. Here are two of our favorite savory pancake recipes:




Get creative with the toppings here. You could go meatless and add some sautéed greens, or use up some leftovers like chili or even serve them along side soup and let kids dip them like grilled cheese!

The filling options are endless here. We love the mixed greens for a light meal, but if you want something a bit heartier try adding some leftover chicken and a dollop of hummus. 



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Ingredient Spotlight: Turmeric!

Around this time every year, I tend to get a bit sick of my go-to comfort food classics. As delicious as hearty braised stews and slow-simmered soups are, my palate longs for something new, different and exciting. Enter turmeric. The curious little root that is too often passed over at the grocery store. For me, the bright, vibrant yellow hue that both fresh and powdered turmeric lend to food is enough to keep the winter doldrums at bay, but the flavor is an added bonus. I would describe it as a slightly more bitter and earthy version of ginger, with a touch of orange or citrus flavor. Add to that the antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties and you have one powerful ingredient! 

To learn more, browse our Turmeric Feed...
This take on pasta is anything but ordinary and would make a great romantic Valentine's Day Dinner! The turmeric pasta is the perfect compliment to the sweet & spicy chorizo and apricot sauce. 





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On to the rest of the week!  We've chosen a few of our favorite recipes featuring turmeric to show the range of this star ingredient.


Meatless Monday

It's freezing out there! Warm up with a bowl of vegetarian turmeric soup, and bring the leftovers for a healthy and satisfying lunch throughout the week. 

The Winter blues don't stand a chance when this soup is in site. The fried sage and toasted almonds add a nice texture and crunch to this ultra-smooth soup.

This deeply flavored turmeric broth can be enjoyed as a Middle Eastern Minestrone style soup, or as a noodle-based soup with chickpeas and kale. 
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Easy Weeknight Dinner

No more boring chicken! Reinvent weeknight classics by adding fresh or dried turmeric. 

This easy supper is packed with fresh veggies and the lean chicken meatballs get an extra boost of flavor (and color) from turmeric, chipotle and cumin. 

Try adding a tablespoon of fresh, grated turmeric to this recipe. Kids will love these sliders, or serve with rice or naan and a bit more spice for adults. 


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Cocktails & Dessert

Make some time for something sweet this weekend; and cap it off with a much deserved cocktail!


A classic gingersnap upgraded with almond butter and fresh turmeric. 


A refreshing and healthy way to enjoy your next bourbon cocktail! 
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