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New York Brunch

Article by Sara Tane
Photography by Clay Williams

Ask any New Yorker and they’ll tell you that every morning should start with an egg sandwich. What goes on said egg sandwich is up for debate, there are differing opinions, but there’s no denying that this humble breakfast creation is beloved by many. That’s why it was a no brainer to invite three New York City staples, Gramercy Tavern, Sunday in Brooklyn and Egghead to FeedfeedBrooklyn for the Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich Throwdown with our friends from Land O'Lakes.  This celebration was all about our community and the city we call home, New York. 

The Northeast is home to some unique sandwiches that, over time, have become cultural staples.  We partnered with Land O'Lakes on a tour of the Northeast to celebrate some of these iconic sandwiches throughout late summer & fall. Whether you call it a hoagie, sub, hero, or sandwich, there's no denying - each city has it's favorite and in NYC, it starts with breakfast.

It was one of the first crisp fall mornings for New York, so the overall mood was palpably delightful. The unbearable humidity of the summer had finally broken, so we could trade in our short sleeves, sandals, and cold brew for sweaters, boots, and hot lattes. Not to mention, the drop in temperature makes it the perfect breakfast sando-eating weather, if we do say so ourselves! 

Above: Egghead Breakfast Sandwich

The fundamentals of a breakfast sandwich are as follows: First, an egg (of course). A little protein to start the day never hurts. Second, a meat. We’re talking anything from bacon, to sausage, or if you’re Gramercy Tavern, a 5-day cured pastrami (no arguments here). Third, a slice of Land O Lakes® Deli American for that signature melt that every perfect egg sandwich needs to have! Fourth, and finally, some bread to package it all up. Because we’re New Yorkers, a bagel is never a bad idea, but we’re not opposed to croissants or buns.

Top to  bottom: Sundays in Brooklyn Breakfast Sandwich, Gramercy Tavern Breakfast Sandwich, @lucky_bites and @dianemorrisey
So let’s take a closer look at what the three competitors brought to the table: Gramercy Tavern was not messing around with their pastrami sandwich, which was served on a Black Seed bagel with a spicy remoulade and a slice of Land O Lakes® Deli American. Sunday in Brooklyn delighted us all with a scrambled egg sando with a sausage patty, crispy potato chips, and a slice of Land O Lakes® Deli American, all packed between an everything seasoned bun. Last but certainly not least, Egghead whipped up a fried egg sandwich with fresh tomato slices, crackly bacon, and a slice of Land O Lakes® Deli American. Let’s just say, FeedfeedBrooklyn was a breakfast lover’s HEAVEN. 
Above: @dishitgirldina
Guests had the option to vote for their favorite breakfast sandwich via text, and it all came down to the wire. Just when it looked like one restaurant pulled ahead, one of the others would come back, making the competition that much more nerve-racking. Despite the fact that all of these sandwiches were straight up winners, the people voted, and there was a TIE! Egghead and Sunday in Brooklyn had the same number of votes when it came time to announce the champ, which speaks to how tough of a decision it was to pick a favorite!
Photos, top to bottom: Home Frite, Mimosa bar, Egghead and Sunday in Brooklyn receiving their 1st place trophy, Bloody Mary bar, Intelligentsia Coffee bar
Aside from the mouthwatering breakfast sandwiches from our local NYC restaurants, we were also treated to coffee from Intelligentsia and decked out fries from Home Frite with Land O Lakes® Deli American sauce! Oh, did we mention the DIY Bloody Mary and Mimosa Bar?! Why yes, of COURSE there were grilled cheese croutons to garnish those bloodies. There was undeniably no shortage of food and fun at this party, to say the least.

There are a lot of reasons to get excited about the seasons changing from the insufferable summer heat to chilly fall weather. The best part, some would argue, is that it’s finally time to cuddle up to your favorite comfort food. And what’s more comforting than a cheesy egg sandwich? We’ll wait...
Above: Gramercy Tavern breakfast sandwich
Above: @voguishsoul

Photos@omgihtslinda, Sunday in Brooklyn breakfast sandwich, @nutmegnanny, Home Frite, and Sunday in Brooklyn breakfast sandwich

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