Cake Decorating at FeedfeedBrooklyn

w/ If You Care



Cake Decorating at FeedfeedBrooklyn

with If You Care

Article by: Rachel Dolfi

To kick off the fall season, we partnered with If You Care, an eco-friendly kitchen and household goods company, partnered together to bring baking to the next level. 

With the help of Chelsey White, an expert cake decorator with a penchant for teaching, our Feedfeed guests received a full tutorial on creating the perfect three-layer cakes, from the ever-important crumb coat to the perfect chocolate drip. These cakes, and the buttercream necessary to encapsulate the layers, were expertly crafted by Baked in Red Hook and made the perfect base to learn introductory cake decorating. Chelsey started by showing how she lines a cake pan with parchment using If You Care’s pre-cut parchment sheets and explaining why she stores her cakes with the parchment layers still attached. Next, she was able to explain in great detail her technique of icing a cake to the group of avid watchers, all while simultaneously covering the cake layers in a thin, delicate layer of creamy buttercream icing. 

Once the cake layers were graced with their white veil of icing, Chelsey mentioned her years-long obsession with If You Care’s dedication to reducing waste and carbon footprint, as well as her own promise to using low-waste products. 

Next, she wowed the crowd with a perfect how-to on drip frosting technique, showing how the warm chocolate ganache silkily drips down the side of a cake, forming rounded icicles of chocolatey goodness. She demonstrated a variety of ways to achieve this look, including creating a paper cone (or cornet for those who like it fancy) using If You Care's parchment paper, filling it with ganache and snipping the tip, allowing the ganache to effortlessly flow off the side of the cake, creating that perfect drip.
Chelsey continued to wow the audience and demonstrated how to create perfect stripes of sprinkles on a cake by using a parchment paper stencil.
You can bet the crew at The Feedfeed was in full-force and cooked up a veritable cornucopia of food using If You Care products. From perfect pear crisps to warm, comforting bowls of squash soup, fall was in the air.  A galette filled with paper-thin layers of sweet potatoes, beets, and turnips were topped with a smattering of fresh herbs and plenty of salty pecorino cheese. Soft, airy apple cheddar focaccia graced the table as well, its texture the perfect vehicle for soup dipping. And what would a Feedfeed party be without the omnipresent cheese and charcuterie board?
After the salty snacks were gobbled up, it was time to turn the attention to decorating our own cakes. Each guest took to their station complete with a cake decorating turntable stacked high with three layers of vanilla cake, ready to try their own hand at the crucial crumbing layer-- and a drip or sprinkle stripe for those daring enough. Equipped with a bench scraper, an offset spatula, If You Care's Parchment Paper and an absolute mountain of buttercream, the guests dove in.
The room quickly went from quiet observance of Chelsey teaching, to an excited hum, as everyone sought to replicate the lesson. Once the initial layer was added on, flourishes of icing were added anywhere you see fit. Rosettes, stripes, dots, amazing custom creations to your heart's content! Additional embellishment was incorporated in the best form possible--sprinkles. From chocolate sprinkles to galaxy stars, the world was your oyster (sprinkle).
Once each cake was fully dressed to the 9’s, you could box it up and take it home to enjoy the fruits of your labor whenever you please. And of course, who could leave the party without popping out of the enormous decked out cake on wheels? The white and pink confectionary was another star of the show, its two layers topping out at 48”.
Each person left not only with their cake in tow, but a gift bag stuffed to the gills with If You Care’s paper sandwich bags, pre-cut parchment sheets, as well as Calphalon brownie and cake pans --because practice makes perfect!

Thank you to If You Care for partnering with us, as well as our additional sponsors, Calphalon and Bonterra Wine and our studio sponsors, Room & Board, and GE for helping us create this beautiful event!

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