7 Ways To Preserve Your Favorite Produce

some of our favorite preserving recipes:


Whether you have far more apples on hand than you can possibly use, or simply want to savor your favorite summer produce long into the colder fall and winter months, preserving is for you. Nearly all of your favorite produce items can be easily transformed into jam, jelly, kimchi, confit, butter, or pickles. 

Not experienced at preserving? No worries. We've pulled together some of our favorite preserving recipes from the #feedfeed community to show you just how simple (and satisfying) it can be to transform your fresh produce and make it last for months on end.  

Spiced Pumpkin Butter with Apple Juice and Maple Syrup

Photo and Recipe by @vanillaandbean

All the Autumn flavors you might want in a jar! Get in the pumpkin action early this year and treat yourself, friends, and family to this luscious pumpkin butter.

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Spicy Yellow Pepper Jam

Photo and Recipe by @servedfromscratch

We love this unexpected savory jam, which gets its lovely yellow hue from sweet yellow bell peppers and mango, and has a spicy kick. Serve with roast chicken or turkey, or simply with fresh bread.

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Fig Confit

Photo and Recipe by @circahappy

Celebrate Fig Season by turning them into a rich confit that can be used in just about anything (think: on top of pancakes or waffles, over toast, or to top a pork chop). 

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Spicy Kale and Radish Kimchi

Photo and Recipe by @gatheranddine

This is quite possibly the most gorgeous Kimchi we've ever seen. Spicy kale meets its perfect match with crunchy radish for a novel Kimchi experience. 

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Concord Grape Jam

Photo by @thejamlab, Recipe by @seriouseats

Concord Grape Season is short and sweet, so pick up a bunch of these aromatic grapes and turn them into a slightly tart, perfectly sweet jam.

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Creamy Apple Butter

Photo and Recipe by @mikkel_blueberrytales

Apple season is far from over, but if you feel overwhelmed by the bushels of apples you picked last weekend, turn some of them into velvety Apple Butter. It makes the perfect topping for bread, though as Mikkel claims, "it's hard not to skip the bread and just eat it right out of the jar"!

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Chilli Tomato Jam with Bacon and Maple Syrup

Photo and Recipe by @fromtheathleteskitchen

It will soon be a sad farewell to the beloved tomato season, but there's no reason not to preserve your juicy, fresh tomatoes and use them all year long! This Tomato Bacon Jam is a particularly appealing way to use up your tomatoes.

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