Kimchi Veggie Burgers

"I love veggie burgers. They’re so fun and a little messy to eat, pack a punch of flavor, and super easy to make. I’ve been craving these gochujang bean burgers lately—I mean, wouldn’t you? Piled high with fermented carrots and kimchi, and a little gochujang mayo (so simple to make, just mix gochujang paste and vegan mayo) and stuffed between a soft whole wheat bun. Seriously who says veggie burgers are just for the grilling days of summer (not me surely, I don’t even own a grill)? Link to these burgers is in my bio! For my American friends, how are your thanksgiving plans coming along? I’ve got my thanksgiving day menu down—from what we’re having for brunch to snacks and apps, a 3 course dinner, and of course a 1:2 ratio of pies to people. But where I might be a little crazy is when you peek at my day by day schedule what needs to get done. We’re a very manageable 7 this year but I don’t know how to think small! Having things organized and done in advance keeps the day of stress way down! I’d love to hear what (vegan) things you’re cooking up this week!"
-- @thecuriouschickpea

Recipe Intro From thecuriouschickpea

When are we NOT craving kimchi veggie burgers??