Charcuterie Platter

"Charcuterie platter. Meats, cheeses, preserves and honey all from Bros. Provisions in San Diego, CA. Amazing, amazing, amazing. There are really no other words."
-- @sweetisthespice

feedfeed Cheese Board Tips 

- Let cheese sit at room temperature for 30 minutes to one hour our before serving

- Use seasonal fruit and veggies to brighten up your board

- Arrange cheeses according to flavor profile, starting with the most mild and working to the most bold. 
- Make sure you have the proper tools available to cut the cheese, and consider cutting a few chunks or slices to encourage guests to dig in!  
- Serve with sweet & savory accompaniments. For savory try cured meats, pickles, hard-boiled eggs and green olives. For sweet, try local honey, nuts, fruit preserves or fresh figs.
- Make sure you have enough crackers & bread on hand; have bread sliced and ready to refill as people start eating from the platter. 
- As for the types of cheese, we like to follow the advice our resident cheese expert, @cheesegrotto, Something fresh (goat cheese, sheep ricotta, farmers cheese), Something semi soft (bloomy, washed rind), Something firm (cheddar, gouda, tomme, alpine), Something bold (blue, Gruyere)