Food Brings People Together!
"Anyone that knows me, knows I love to eat, talk about anything food related and try a new recipe in the kitchen. Food brings people together and it’s honestly the only way to get me out of the house. Being able to go to culinary school has been a dream of mine especially within the past 4 years. Having the opportunity to potentially go to @lecordonbleu_international would be a dream come to true beyond measure. Food is such an important part of life and it’s something we take for granted. It feeds our brain, allows our body to move, provides energy, and yet not everyone has access to a nourishing meal everyday. I want to use my knowledge and networking for good and I think culinary school would be a great start! // #feedfeed #contest #lecordonbleu @thefeedfeed @lecordonbleu_international"
-- @sweeetnothings_