Mango & Tumeric Smoothie
"Mango and Tumeric Smoothie to start my day. I'm in love with Tumeric at the moment so decided to try it in my smoothie and it came out way better than expected, it was yum. Here's the recipe:
Coconut Water
Coconut flesh
1/2 Frozen Mango
2 Eggs
Grated Ginger
1tsp Tumeric
2tsp Chia Seeds
Throw in a blender and serve"
-- @scottydabomb
Recipe Intro From scottydabomb
Quick, Easy Have you noticed the abundance of small, yellow mangoes in the super market lately? Those are Ataulfo Mangoes, also known by many other nicknames including Champagne Mangos. They are sweeter and more buttery than other mangoes, one of my favorite fruits, and in-season now. Combining them with turmeric, which delivers stellar anti-inflammatory properties, makes this drink a vitamin packed sore muscle soother that is absolutely delicious.