Ravioli Doppi Filled With Pork Sugo And Pumpkin-ricotta

"Ravioli doppi (double rav) filled with pork sugo in half, and heirloom pumpkin-ricotta in the other half. "
-- @saltyseattle

Recipe Intro From saltyseattle

Sounds like a delicious Sunday night dinner
All I can say is 'wow'... double the filling, double the awesome. My fillings are whimsical and based on whatever I have on hand. I encourage people to experiment with whatever flavors they enjoy. Here is my basic pasta dough recipe: 1 cup 00 pasta flour 1 cup semolina flour 4 egg yolks 2 whole eggs Mix together all ingredients in a medium bowl. Once combined, knead into a ball of dough. Continue kneading until supple, about 5 minutes. Cover in plastic wrap & rest for 1 hour. Sheet and shape as desired.