Egg Sandwich With Mushrooms, Avocado, Bacon, Spinach, Cheese And Sun-dried Tomatoes

"BREAKFAST BURGER!!! Fully loaded with mushrooms, avocados, sun dried tomatoes, spinach, bacon, egg and cheese, this is heaven on a brioche bun. Worth getting out of bed for this weekend! . I clearly didn’t think through the video set up properly and ended up with egg going everywhere…oops! "
-- @recipe_tin

Brioche or other roll of choice
Butter or oil
4 - 6 mushrooms, sliced
Fistful of baby spinach leaves
Avocado, sliced
Sun dried tomato strips (preferably in oil, softer and juicier!)
Slice of cheese - I like Swiss or Jarlsberg


Grab a brioche bun (or any roll), split and lightly toast.

Saute mushrooms in oil or butter. When almost cooked, push to the side and add spinach. Season with salt and pepper. Cook until JUST wilted, then remove both.

Get the bacon cooking, when you turn, turn heat down to medium low and add the egg. Cook to your liking - obviously I love my yolks super runny!

While the egg cooks, start assembling your bun. Start with avo, top with spinach, then sun dried tomatoes. Then pile on mushrooms and top with cheese.

Grill to melt the cheese, then top with bacon and egg, then with top side of bun. Devour!

I don’t feel the need for sauce because the fillings are so juicy, but feel free to add your favourite sauce! I’d spread it on the top bun. If making this for a crowd, make each component in batches then reheat briefly in the microwave before assembling bun (cheese does not take long to melt so won’t rewarm filling). Try to time it so the bacon and egg is piping hot when you pop it on the bun!