Beef And Pork Stuffed Bell Peppers

"Are you looking for a tasty recipe you can make any night of the week? Here's an idea! These are my tasty stuffed bell peppers made with @5280meat ground beef and a little pork! ❤️ dang delicous! ? I haven't made these in a while but they are my moms specialty and I was missing her, so here ya go! Link in my profile now! ? #paleo#peppers#easymeals#eatclean#healthyfood#glutenfree#veggies#foodie#fitfam#feedfeed#meattreats @thefeedfeed"
-- @paleo_newbie_recipes

Recipe Intro From paleo_newbie_recipes

Trina always has your back with quick, easy, flavorful weeknight meals. These peppers are totally up my alley for a few reasons- (1) There is room to do YOU while still doing it right. Use cauliflower rice, white rice- it will still look this beautiful. (2) She is smart and tells ya to chop up the pepper meat from around the tops that you cut off to make the stuffing more colorful, and reduce waste. (3) This is a perfect way to cook once and eat multiple meals. When food tastes this good- it's a pleasure.