Mediterranean Salad
"This is a favorite for a dinner party or a graduation celebration menu. I just love giant salad platters with all kinds of perfect spring eating. Start with pan roasting these salmon fingers on the stove. Add to the platter your favorites like these blanched French green beans, marinated red onions, halved pitted black olives, sliced Persian cumbers and baby pear tomatoes. I always add a surprise, like a few of these homemade sweet potato crisps. Drizzle the entire platter with a some homemade lemon chive vinaigrette dressing. Keep it light--remember a salad is not a swimming pool. It's easy to make a homemade dressing and so much better. Niçoise eating, with a twist. What's your favorite entree salad "
-- @nocrumbsleft

Recipe Intro From nocrumbsleft
How spectacular does this fresh take on a Nicoise salad by @nocrumbsleft look! Just delicious.