Afternoon Breeze Cocktail
"It’s contest time with @TheFeedFeed.cocktails! When I was asked to partner with @drinktelula and @thefeedfeed, it was an easy “yes,” as I've had a long term relationship with healthful eating and whole foods. Juicing enhances life force and health in my everyday life. I am crazy about Telula's organic, cold-pressed Spicy Lemon juice, and I created a totally new way to use it.  I wanted a light and refreshing adult beverage for when friends stop by, and The Afternoon Breeze was born. It's a combination of muddled blackberries, coconut water ice cubes, Telula's Spicy Lemon Juice, and white rum. Delightful! It's a masterpiece that I don't have to feel guilty about enjoying. What’s your favorite way to enjoy a cocktail? Be sure to show us by entering the contest over @thefeedfeed.cocktails ( Check out the recipe on the blog (link in profile), and you will want to make it this weekend! #cheerstoTelula #FeedFeed #Sponsored"
-- @nocrumbsleft