Fermented Rice And Lentil Crepes

"Dosa | Dosai | Dosha in the making Fermented Rice and Lentil Crepes. I could have this anytime of the day (Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner or as a Snack). Personally prefer kal dosa or plain uthappam which is thicker version likes pancakes to dunk in any meat based gravy and thin or thick version for vegetarian sides."
-- @nessysam

3 cups idli rice
1 cup split black gram beans or whole white (urad dal) 
2 tsp fenugreek seeds 
Salt, to taste
¼ tsp ghee, cold pressed sesame seed oil, or vegetable oil (optional)

Clean the rice thoroughly and soak it for 4-5 hours in water. Soak the Urad Dal and Fenugreek Seeds for 45 minutes in water. 

Traditionally a wet grinder is used in India to grind the batter if you do not have this a food processor will work. Grind the rice first to a smooth consistency keep it aside followed by the urad dal and fenugreek. Mix everything in a bowl and leave it to ferment ideally overnight. The fermentation process allows the batter to rise make sure the bowl has enough height just to avoid the spillage.

Once the batter is fermented, season with salt. The batter is ready to be used.

Heat a tawa, or crepe pan, and place a ladle of batter in the middle. Spread the batter equally in circular motion. Add a bit of ghee when the dosa is half done, then flip the dosa and cook for few seconds.

Serve with coconut chutney, sambar (a lentil based gravy), vegetables, or a south Indian chicken or goat curry.

Notes: The dosa can be made thick like a pancake or thin like crepes per your taste. Thicker ones are called kal dosa or plain uthappam. The uthappam can be topped with chopped onions, green chilli, curry leaves or tomatoes. The same batter can be used to make idlis aka steamed rice cakes. Idli rice is a variety of short grain rice found in South India. The rice is parboiled in order to reduce the soak time before grinding and has a gelatinous structure.