Pumpkin Bread

"Out of the oven and into my belly! I wanted to make this pumpkin bread. recipe (on the site) into muffins like the lovely @temaister did but I realised I don't have a muffin tray! Or patty pans :( I borrowed the last one I used and forgot that I had returned it haha I don't have many things in the kitchen actually, no rolling pin - I use my @spiralfoods acv bottle, I use jar lids as cookie cutters, I have no cake tins of my own apart from the loaf tin - I'm always using my mum's or mother in law's, I use doubled up freezer bags as piping bags, my oven is gorgeous (old enamel one) but very old and does not have a temperature gauge and only just purchased a whisk because a fork can't do everything!! Anyway, point is - you don't need every single gadget or kitchen tool to make great food, you just gotta get creative! Anyone got any handy kitchen tricks Id love to hear them!"
-- @naturally_nutritious