Raw Raspberry Pistachio Chocolate Chunk Slice

"Raw Raspberry, Pistachio & Choc Chunk Slice. A vegan, healthy & creamy slice. I hope you've all had a beautiful day, we visited my Nanna & Grandad today.. she put on a huuuuge fully vegan lunch inc dessert. I am still stuffed haha. Sending you all love"
-- @mindful_moose

Raw Raspberry, Pistachio & Chocolate Slice

1/2 cup almonds
1/4 cup pistachios
8 large medjool dates
1 tbsp cacao powder
pinch of pink salt
1/2 tsp vanilla bean powder

Process the nuta until they form smal pieces. Add the remaining ingredients and process again until the mixture comes together to form your dough. Press into a lined 20x20cm container.

3/4 cup cashews, soaked overnight
1/2 cup solid coconut cream, scooped from the top of a refrigerated can
4 tbsp melted coconut oil
4 tbsp rice malt syrup
1/2 tsp vanilla bean powder
tiny pinch of pink salt
Handful of fresh raspberries, pistachios and chopped raw chocolate for topping
Drain and rinse the cashews. Blend all of the filling ingredients until completely smooth. Pour onto the base and arrange the toppings evenly. Freeze for a few hours and slice into bars. Let defrost before enjoying.