Lemon And Earl Grey Infused Tart With Buttermilk Chantilly Cream And Raspberry Gel

"I hope no one is tired of citrus desserts yet. The past 4 posts on the blog have been citrus-based and the next two are also! Today I made and shot a classic tarte au citron - except it's not really classic at all because I infused it with earl grey tea and added a buttermilk chantilly and raspberry fluid gel on top!"
-- @meganleevoigt

Recipe Intro From meganleevoigt

This recipe calls for a kitchen scale and the measurements are in grams. If you don't have a scale, click here for a good conversion tool, however they are an amazing investment and make a huge difference with accuracy, particularly in recipes that need very specific measurements such as pastry recipes.
If you don't have an emulsion blender use a regular blender.

Finally, An average egg weighs 50-56 g. To weigh eggs, @meganleevoigt suggests cracking the egg into a small bowl, then whisking it. Once it's all combined,weigh out what you need.