Beef Yakamein
"I'm asked almost daily why I moved to New Orleans, and my responses vary depending on the day, my mood, and who's asking. Nevertheless every answer is true, and today I say it's because of Yakamein. Of mysterious origin and with no written recipe to be found, Yakamein consists of hot beef or chicken based broth poured over noodles and meat (beef, chicken, pork or seafood) garnished with a hard boiled egg and showered with green onions. These simple ingredients are seamlessly seasoned together from recipes that exist in memories and stories. Street food. Second line food. Festival food. Styrofoam cup food. Hangover food. Good news, bad news, sunny day, rainy day, any day kinda food. New Orleans food. And as far as the name, as one of my dear friends recently instructed, "It's not Ya-ka-mein, it's Yakamein. Say it like there's music in your voice." So, I moved to New Orleans so that I could be told exactly that."
-- @martine.boyer
Recipe Intro From martine.boyer
I discovered this dish during a random conversation with a friend and it sounded so delicious that I made it my mission to track down its origin